Florida Fair And Open Primaries

 Voter Nominated Top Two Open Primary

  Let’s change the way voters and candidates come together at election time.

Florida Fair And Open Primaries seeks to add a constitutional amendment to the
2018 election ballot to change Florida primary elections from a closed political party
system to a Voter Nominated Top Two Open Primary

 Imagine a primary election system where ALL candidates are listed on a single
ballot and ALL voters chose candidates from any party or no party. The top two
candidates in each race compete in the general election.

The simple truth is that voter nominated top two open primaries

• Give ALL voters a voice where it counts -- in a primary election
• Give voice to over 2.9 million no party preference & minor party voters

• Only use our tax dollars for primaries where ALL voters can participate
• Allow candidates to campaign on ideas & solutions, not party ideologies

• Retain party rights to associate and select candidates of their choice 

 Frequently Asked Questions

   Which races would be affected by the amendment?
o State elective offices and federal offices; Presidential primaries unchanged

   Is a top two primary election constitutional?
o YES – US Supreme Court ruled (7-2) in March 2008

   How many states have a top two open primary?
o California, Washington, (Modified top two in Louisiana and Nebraska)

   Won’t top two result in single party races?
o In three election cycles Washington State had < 8% single party races

   Won’t minor parties suffer under a top two system?
o An all candidate primary draws attention to minor party candidates
o Minor parties have opportunity to build coalition voting blocks in primary

   Who do I contact to get additional information
o Ray Hudkins (rhud66@gmail.com) or 850-346-5199

Currently in Florida

  Florida and eighteen other states have Closed Primary elections where only members of a political party may vote in their Party's primary. The taxpayers including the Independent Party, or those with No Party Affiliation (NPA), finance these primaries with taxpayer dollars. That means that 40+% of the US voters that are Independent/(NPA) become disenfranchised in primary elections. Yet they still have their taxes used to finance the elections of the Party that they have no say in which candidate should be selected/elected.

  Polls show the number of Americans identifying as Independents or No Party Affiliation has surpassed that of Democrat or Republican. This disconnect-between the growing independence of the citizenry and the highly partisan nature of our governing process-is creating an unhealthy situation for our democracy.

 We support the Voter Nominated Top Two Open Primary Initiative as an important step towards transforming our political process and moving forward as a State and as a Nation.

  Sincerely,  All The Members of    Florida Independent Voting.Org


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